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" Finance For The Fellas "

VHLA Media was founded in 2022 with one mission:

Disrupt traditional media with an entirely brand-new approach to the financial markets. For centuries, financial news & information has been reserved for those sophisticated enough to understand the complexity of the language used by mainstream media. We exist for the other kind of folks. Regular people. Those who are interested in the business and financial industry… but have never had a relatable source that tells stories and educates in a way they can understand. That’s the gap we fill - and we won’t stop until the playing field is level. Until every average Joe off the street has the same shot at making a buck, as the billionaires on Wall Street.

The VHLA Mission

Building a media business that actually fucking helps people. We’re obssessed with the idea of giving regular people the same shot to make a buck in the markets, that the billionaires on Wall Street get. That’s what drives VHLA.

Our Vision

A world where the game isn’t rigged for regular people. A world where ordinary folks can get access to the same quality of financial information that the elites get - in a language they understand and resonate with. We intend on becoming an organization that’s built like a hedge fund but operating like a media company - “The People’s Hedge Fund.”



Challenging the traditional way of doing things.

Mainstream media is a poison. They don’t have society's best interest in mind. They’re funded by governments and various wealthy organizations. This is who they serve. Not you. That’s why we created VHLA. To fight back against these corporations and build something that actually fucking helps people. We believe whole-heartedly in challenging tradition, innovating and thinking outside the box in all walks of life.


Always playing to win - not playing “not to lose”.

You know it’s funny. There’s a certain portion of the population that believes life just kinda “happens” to them. They do what they’re told their entire lives… and at the end? They’re usually left regretful because none of their dreams came true. This is why we can’t always follow the rules that society teaches. If you’re playing life on “try not to lose” mode, you’ll never win. You’ll never reach your dreams without risk. And playing to win… means getting comfortable with risk. Embrace it or accept the consequences. 


Enjoying the journey.

What the fuck is the point of any of this, if you aren’t enjoying the journey? Hard work, intense focus, and rigorous consistency are all required to “make it.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a ‘Friday Market Close’ with your boys. Play hard - work harder. That’s the VHLA sauce.