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Verses AI: The New Global Standard for AI

Are you tired of AI that falls flat on its face? Siri might as well be clueless (can't get a damn response from the lady or ask a follow up question), Alexa can get on your nerves, and let's not even mention those Tesla mishaps. It's time to wave goodbye to lacklustre AI and welcome the next generation of artificial intelligence – Verses AI. And guess what? Luckily this is one of the only pure AI opportunities available to the public under $3.00 a share...

So buckle up, because we're about to list the 8 reasons why we think Verses AI is the top pure-play AI company on the market right now:

Reason #1: Verses AI has unlocked a key piece of a potential 15 trillion dollar industry.

Reason #2: Verses AI software “ KOSM “ – The Holy Grail of AI technology.

Reason #3: The New Global Standard - How KOSM Solves the Problem.

Reason #4: Verses isn't a what if… it IS happening already.

Reason #5: The IOS of AI.

Reason #6: Potential for a JUICY short squeeze.

Reason #7: The potential for Venture Capital-like gains.

Reason #8: The Opportunity to Capitalize on the Biggest Wave in History.

Verses AI Has Unlocked a Key Piece of a Potential 15 Trillion Dollar Industry.

Picture this – a $15 trillion industry just waiting to be unleashed. But what's holding it back? AI regulation. That's right, the big question mark is "explainability." Why does AI do what it does, and how does it come up with its answers? 

“If AI can't explain itself, how smart can AI really be?” - Gabe Rene, CEO of Verses AI. 

Here's where VERSES AI Inc (🇺🇸:$VRSSF 🇨🇦:$VERS) swoops in, flexing its muscles. They've built a one-of-a-kind patented new-generation AI operating system that has the cognitive intelligence to set the guardrails and framework for AI governance, regulation, and compliance.

Take it from Dentons, not me (the largest law firm in the world), they just put out a report↗ on why they believe Verses has solved the puzzle that's been holding back AI’s true potential.

Verses AI software “ KOSM “ – The Holy Grail of AI Technology.

VERSES AI Inc (🇺🇸:$VRSSF 🇨🇦:$VERS) is set to launch the world's FIRST network operating system for AI, and it's going to change everything. This breakthrough technology, known as KOSM, has the promise of unleashing the true potential of AI. It's the ultimate game-changer.

Imagine AI systems that can not only analyze and predict but also understand and act on real-world data and the physical environment. It's like AI transitioning from artificial intelligence to true intelligence.

And guess what? VERSES AI Inc (🇺🇸:$VRSSF 🇨🇦:$VERS) is the company behind this groundbreaking technology. They've partnered with Dr. Karl Friston who is short-listed for a Nobel Prize & is the most cited neuroscientist in human history. Dr. Friston & Verses are developing AI's first network operating cognitively (using neuroscience and biology) instead of operating statistically. They also hired on 15 additional PhDs from Dr. Friston's lineage as their AI R&D team.

is a software that allows individuals, governments, businesses literally anyone to now create their OWN AI applications that can reason, analyze, and automate tasks like never before.

In the past, we have been essentially renting AI technology from corporations like Microsoft, Google etc. However, Verses has given power to the people. This opens up a world of possibilities for industries across the board, from healthcare to transportation, finance to education. 

There is no need to be a programmer anymore; KOSM soon should be able to understand human language and take the wheel on any task you throw at it. This is an innovation we have never seen in the AI sector before. 

Read below to see why we believe this will be the global standard, soon enough all AI will be conducted through Verses; they have the secret sauce to unlocking AI’s global potential & the EU is on it like a fat kid on a skittle.

KOSM Use Case Video

The New Global Standard - How KOSM Solves The Problem

Here, I have said enough about how revolutionary the technology is, but the advantage is really how this solves the 15 trillion dollar problem...

Imagine if all AI was built on KOSM,  just like all apps are built on IOS (governed and subject to IOS regulation). This way, all AI would share context, follow one regulation set, and be governed together. Just as it is done for Windows and IOS. 

Verses AI has the potential to be as grand as any of the mentioned, they have created the only open solution to governing AI globally, which is the only issue holding it back from tapping into its true potential. 

The 15 trillion dollar issue “explainability”:

Previous AI was making decisions like a freshman after 2 vodka seltzers - “unexplainable”. 

In the words of Gabe Rene, the CEO himself, “If AI can't explain itself how smart can AI really be?” So Gabe Solved this issue with Verses AI “KOSM”. KOSM utilizes its true cognitive intelligence to understand every action it makes and can formulate accurate explanations for them.

This stops AI from making biased decisions, making up false answers, wrong information, and even creating a Terminator army to take over the human race. Those very issues are what has been stopping AI from being used to its true potential. But now the possibilities are limitless with Verses AI…

If you are still confused about what KOSM exactly is -  KOSM is a limitless operating software that enables people to develop AI software… from personal needs to government operations, their intelligent, personalized AI software covers it all. 

Reason #4
Verses isn't a what-if... it IS happening already.

(🇺🇸:$VRSSF 🇨🇦:$VERS) has already launched its first AI application on its KOSM platform called “Wayfinder“. Meaning, this isn't a pipe dream. It's happening right in front of our eyes. 

Wayfinder leverages advanced AI to optimize routes for warehouse workers, boosting productivity by an average of 35%. 

Well, Wayfinder has already bagged them a $26 MILLION dollar contract with a leading software company. With this trajectory, VERSES is poised to capture a significant share of the $35 billion dollar warehouse market. 

Don't get too excited, this is just a sliver of the pie.

You're probably wishing you heard about Verses when they were $.40 last summer. Not to worry. If you are reading this, you are still early to the show as they are set to launch their newest application built on KOSM called ”GIA” - the world's first General Intelligence Agent. 

In the words of Bill Gates, “Whoever wins the race to the first intelligence agent wins the race to AI” 

Well, Verses AI has built it and it’s launching this summer.

To put GIA in layman's terms - You're like Tony Stark and GIA is your Jarvis. 

GIA is your all-in-one personal assistant. You will no longer have to search the web, go on Amazon, use Uber, input in your calendar, see a dietician, send an email, or write a birthday card for your in-laws, this application will optimize your whole life. 

The possibilities are legitimately endless as this can be integrated with all technology. 

As I mentioned earlier, Verses AI isn’t your typical AI, it has true intelligence, it has human-like cognitive abilities it can comprehend and compute in human language, and it is already light years ahead of Chat-GPT. 

If you can imagine it “GIA” can do it. 

GIA: Generative AI Assistant

GIA is a little more exciting than a warehouse application, this technology could change our lives as we know it. 

So that being said, you haven’t missed anything yet. Verses hasn't even launched a fraction of their potential, they have Wayfinder launched, GIA in the pipeline and later this fall, their entire Operation System “KOSM” will be available for 3rd party developers to create their own applications... 

So buckle up, you can either be a part of the revolution or sit on the sidelines and watch it happen.

Reason #5

What sets VERSES AI Inc (🇺🇸:$VRSSF 🇨🇦:$VERS) apart from the pack? It's their secret sauce – the ability to extract laws and regulations from all unions and countries and code them into AI to create a safe regulated space to create applications. 

We have seen this before with Web 2… On a little venture called IOS - like Apple IOS, the software you are probably reading this on.

As complicated as this sounds, it's simple. Think of KOSM like IOS for Web 3. 


Applications such as Wayfiner & GIA that are built on KOSM are apps just like your Photos app or your Calculator app that are built on IOS.

Wayfinder & GIA
are applications built under the KOSM Operating System.

Photos and Calculators are applications built under the IOS Operating System.

The only difference is KOSM is for highly sophisticated, patented, advanced AI software.

Soon enough KOSM will be open to the public to create their own applications, like how IOS opened up their software and Uber, Skip The Dishes, Instagram, Tik Tok, Gmail, Zoom and many other multi-billion dollar companies were created off of the IOS web 2 Operating System.

Now imagine that with the power of AI. With KOSM’S Web 3 operating system, there is a whole new world of possibilities, beyond anything IOS is or was ever capable of. 

You will no longer need to be a developer or a coder to create these applications, the power of AI will be able to guide you and unlock technology that you and I can’t wrap our little brains around (apologies if you are a neurophysicist or Tech Major).

Look at the fortune built off of IOS - now re-imagine that adopted into the global shift into AI. 

Verses AI is the only company adopting this. There are infinite revenue vertices to be created. It's unfathomable.

If everything came to fruition, this may be one of the grandest opportunities for investment we will ever live through.

Verses AI - Pioneering the Next Grand Technology Shift.

Reason #6
Potential For a JUICY Short Squeeze.

Historical Short Volume $VRSSF

Reason #7
The Potential For Venture Capital-like Gains

Those snobby venture capitalists always seem to hog the juiciest opportunities, right? But Verses AI said, "Enough is enough!" They went public at a micro-valuation, levelling the playing field for retail investors like us. 

No more sitting on the sidelines while the VCs rake in their crazy returns from Open AI.

To put it into perspective, Open AI was the fastest platform to 1 billion users; achieving it only 5 days upon launch, skyrocketing their valuation to 29b today. 

Verses AI is in a different realm of intelligence and possibilities over Chat-Gpt. Not bashing on Open AI, however, Verses AI is a different beast & in a few month's time you may look back at this article either laughing luckily or in deep despair you didn’t have the faith. 

It's still sitting pretty at $200m million mkt cap. You do the math, my friend – the potential is massive.

Reason #8
The Opportunity to Capitalize on The Biggest Wave in History

Let's hear it straight from the CEO himself: "Do you want to catch the biggest technology wave in history and reap the financial benefits that come with it?" That's the golden question, my friend. 

Historically every 15 years there is a technology shift and fortunes are made by smart money, they know how to capitalize. 

Every time there is a technology shift, unicorns are created: Uber, Meta, and Twitter - all examples of fortunes made in the Web 2.0 shift.

as the tide is changing to Web 3.0, there are unicorns to be found, and if you rub Verses AI’s head, you can feel a little bump - it's a baby unicorn in our opinion.

You see, trying to capitalize by investing in Open AI or any of the known AI companies is a no-go. Those opportunities were snatched up by venture capitalists. 

But Verses AI? It's a golden opportunity for us retail investors. It's in the Goldilocks zone – not too young, not too old. Your investment is liquid right away, while VCs have to wait years. 

This is where the magic happens.

Final Thoughts
The Opportunity of the Decade.

VERSES AI Inc (🇺🇸:$VRSSF 🇨🇦:$VERS) isn't just another company; it's a revolution in the AI industry. They've cracked the code, are solving the AI governance problem, and paved the way for a potential $15 trillion industry. With founders like Gabriel Rene and Dan Mapes, who have their skin in the game (120m dollars of stock combined), an international best-selling book on AI, and the Ex-Vice Chairman of Deloitte on as Chairman of the board…

Verses AI means business. With trial 3 of 5 underway with the EU, this rocket ship is fueled up and ready for takeoff. Don't miss your chance to be part of something truly groundbreaking. In our opinion Verses is the opportunity of the decade.

Thank you for reading.

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